After months of battling the worst public health crisis in our city’s history, we’re more aware than ever of the critical role of our independent, community-focused hospitals. Healthcare heroes put it all on the line to protect the health and safety of our family, friends, and neighbors. As New York continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and prepares for what’s next, there’s a plan to save the Brooklyn Hospital Center to protect the independent care that Brooklyn deserves.

While a lot has changed in 175 years, the independent, full-service, community-based care that The Brooklyn Hospital Center provides remains vital to keeping the community healthy and to ensuring justice and equity for the more than 300,000 individuals the hospital serves annually.

175 Years Ago...

  • Brooklyn still had its own mayor
  • The USS Monitor hadn’t been built yet at the Navy’s ship building yard in Brooklyn
  • Fort Greene Park didn’t exist
  • The City of Brooklyn hadn’t figured out a way to pay for a new City Hall (now known as Borough Hall)
  • While a lot has changed since then, now — more than ever — Brooklyn needs a hospital of its own to meet its needs and keep Brooklyn healthy.


The orginal Brooklyn City Hospital, now The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Serving Neighborhoods & Vulnerable Populations


Effectiveness of Modernization

Independent & Community-Based Care